Group Employee Benefits

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, 401K, Voluntary Benefits, HR Support

Working with a variety of carriers, we are able to customize an employee benefits package that meets the financial needs of businesses and employees.  Our team of Health Care Reform experts have the most current, accurate information and are available to provide counsel to employers regarding their responsibilities under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Our senior service team is ready to help you navigate through the Medicare maze and ensure that you get the products that will best suit your individual needs on a budget you can afford.


Individual & Families

Medical, Covered California

Let one of our knowledgeable, friendly agents review your medical insurance options and provide guidance to select a plan that will best meet your medical and financial needs.


Dental & Vision

Individual, Families

Oral and ocular health is very important to your overall physical well-being.  Ask one of our team members about dental and vision insurance options designed to control costs to maintain your good health.


What the Community is Saying

Having you (Leanne Chrisman) speak yesterday was fantastic and I know our employees got a lot out of it. I am so glad we are working together. I appreciate having you as a valuable resource!

Rob Alviso has just helped me solve a complicated issue (to me) with Blue Shield; I have two policies with them. They were bouncing a charge between the two of them for something that should have been covered. It’s been processed and reprocessed by them internally multiple times, each time resulting in a new EOB to my house, and the last time resulting in a check to me without a clear explanation of why they sent it. I asked Rob for help, and he has done all of the work in getting the issue resolved. The result is I can shred the check (which he warned me not to cash), and I can rest assured that it’s finally paid out at 100%. Maybe that’s his job and all that, but he did it in a calm, efficient, friendly manner which caused me no stress at all. And since I have dealt with insurance companies in the past, I know that it is often a time-consuming, frustrating experience. I am so grateful that he took care of it. I will make sure my coworkers and supervisor know what a great service your company supplies to us.