It’s a question we get often:

Do I have to provide insurance for my employees to avoid paying a penalty?

Beginning January 1 or coinciding with a company’s plan year in 2015, employers with over 50 Full-Time Equivalent Employees, (FTEs), must provide insurance that meets the requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or face the possibility of penalties.




Currently, employees working 30+ hours/week on a regular basis are considered full-time employees.




Each part-time employee counts as a fraction of a full-time employee.  For example, three employees working 10 hours/week each would be the equivalent of one full-time employee.   Determining your full-time equivalent employee count can become very complicated when calculating part-time, temporary and seasonal employees.  It is best to let the experts at HSIS assist you in determining whether you must comply with the employer mandate.

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