If you are medium to large business owner or manager, you now have the obligation to fill out the 1095-C for your employees, also known as a Coverage Reporting Form.

What do I as an Employer need to know?

  • The Obama Administration gave large employers one year leeway to get their affairs in order to prep for this filing. This extra time is now ending.
  • The required employers have to make a good faith effort to send reasonably accurate 1095-Cs for 2015 to:
    • Employees by March 31, 2016
    • Electronically to the IRS by June 31,2016
    • Returns on Paper to the IRS by May 31, 2016

These dates reflect the recent announcement of the deadline extension!

Why should I worry about Employee Counting?

Employers need help with understanding how to handle people who may or may not be their employees. Such as:

  • Adjunct professors, temporary employees, exchange students who are using J1 visas to work in the United States, workers sent in by staffing agents, and employees in offices outside the United States.

Who can help me if I don’t know who may be an employee or not?

First, We can! Healthy Solutions Insurance is able to answer questions and concerns about employees and their status within your company. We will listen to the person of question’s current working condition, and figure out if they qualify for this mandatory coverage and form compliance.

Second, many payroll companies are willing to help you sort, organize, and count employees. With this deadline, many vendors are getting booked up, or are not willing to take on the risk. It is suggested to hire one of these payroll vendors quickly to accomplish this avenue of assistance.

How will the IRS evaluate an employer to make sure they are complainant?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is supposed to use the information about employees and health plan enrollees on the 1095-C health benefits reporting forms, and the 1094-C summary forms, to determine whether both the employee and employer are meeting the PPACA mandate requirements.


2015 1094-1095C Instructions

2015 1094-C

2015 1095-C


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